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About Us


Conceptualised with the belief of representing elements of fire on every plate, NY Verden takes a modern spin to the classical means of cooking with wood-fire.

The Restaurant

Respects the cuisine inherited from early modern Europe combined with innovations persisting in the modern era. At the heart of this modern grill restaurant is an open-concept kitchen featuring two gastronomic Josper grill. Coupled with elements of smoking, grilling and house-cured charcuterie, we seek to showcase the beauty and functionality of our dishes featuring seafood, meat and vegetables over hearth.

Culinary curiosity inspires us to achieve balance between the hearty piquancy through precise techniques of wood-fire cooking and the pairing of intrinsic natural flavours from an ensemble of simple ingredients. We are committed to craft every dish with fresh air-flown ingredients from unique origins, with our menu changing in tandem with the season’s best produce.

The Bar

Features an ever-evolving wine list that celebrates diverse winemaking styles, unique vinification methods and terrior.


Our wines are especially curated to marry the pairings of our food for a perfectly executed, harmonious adventure that excites your palates.

Whether you are looking to unwind with a tipple or embark on a culinary thrill, every plate and every bottle encompasses familiar yet innovative provenance, kissed by smoke and amplified by fire.

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